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The Baby.
Abandoned. Lost and Alone. So much promise.

The Babysitter.
Is he really bi-polar?

The Mom.
Needs help. Now.

The Eyes...
...that are the only hope!

He can help. Will he have the courage?
(actor Nick Whitaker)

He can ruin it all. And time is on his side.
(actor Chris Kendrick) 

The Dogcatchers.
Lizard Tongue is messin' with them bigtime!
(actors Randall Newsome and Duane Stephens)

Lizard Tongue.
One-dog demolition team.

The Fort in the woods.
What's the mystery?

The Deputy.
Why doesn't he trust his instincts?
(actor Nate Bynum)

The Source.
How do Harvard and salami go together?
(actor Carlton Bluford)

The Old Abandoned House.
The secret it holds is the key to it all.

The Curmudgeon.
Does he really hate dogs?
(actor Neal Barth)

Or does he just need a friend?

The Boss.
Why is she pushing the envelope?
(actress Melinda Haynes)

The Nuisance Reporter.
He'll stop at nothing to get the story.
(actor Lincoln Hoppe)

The Other Mom.
She needs help too. Will it come too late?
(actress Christy Summerhays)

The Hero.
It doesn't come easy.
Behind the Scenes

Benji's creator and director, Joe Camp, gets a kiss from his favorite star.

Director Joe Camp checks a dolly shot across the many puppies in Hatchett's cages. At the camera, first assistant Rick Page, Director of Photography Don Reddy, and dolly grip Rick (Barney) Maxey.

Genny Kerns, Benji's trainer, finds herself in many weird spots to get the needed shot. Roger Schumacher, trainer to Shaggy and Benji's mom, brushes Benji before the shot.

Benji's dad and director tosses Benji and Shaggy from a crane while the camera (under the crane) records the event. The scene is the splashing result of Benji saving Shaggy's life by body-blocking him off a high cliff seconds before he would've been tranquilized by the world's ditzy-most dogcatchers.

Sheldon and Livingston, dogcatchers extraordinaire, survive a big splat in a Mississippi mud puddle.

And Lizard Tongue (aka Shaggy) is to blame. Above, he peers down from high atop a fence, blowing Benji's cover yet again!  He's a lovable, happy-go-lucky dufus who appoints himself Benji's unwanted sidekick and wrecks every effort of Benji's to rescue his mom from a backyard breeding farm.

Director/Producer Joe Camp talks over the schedule with his son,  Co-Producer Joe Camp III

Benji attempts to open his mama's cage latch.

Benji's unwanted side-kick, Lizard Tongue (Shaggy), reads the trades between takes.

Director Joe Camp shows ditsy dogcatchers Sheldon and Livingston (see below) how to fall into the mud without really falling into the mud.

Producers Margaret Loesch and Joe Camp with their canine superstar.

Colby (Nick Whitaker) is fed up with Hat chett's puppy farming.

Hatchett (Chris Kendrick) is not a nice character.

But he does smile when the camera's not rolling.

Director Joe Camp speaks to Livingston and Sheldon (actors Randall Newsome and Duane Stevens), two of the most inept but well-meaning dogcatchers ever to chase a stray. Benji Off the Leash was filmed in Sony/Panavision's new 24p High Definition format, the same process used by the latest Star Wars movie.

Colby (Nick Whitaker) and his movie mom (Christy Summerhays) laugh between takes.

Benji and Merlin eavesdrop at a window.

Benji relaxes for a moment on set with his daddy.