Great Books for Kids That Will Keep Bringing Them Back for More!

We don't watch television in our home. Haven't for a little over five years. Not at all (see The Risks of TV). One of the terrific side benefits of this is that our kids (11, 11, and 14) became tireless readers, all now reading well above grade level. All of our our kids were reading Harry Potter by time they were eight or nine. The fourteen-year-old is now reading Clive Cussler and John Grisham (not on the list below) . The current research will astound you regarding how much more goes on in the brain when a child is reading than when he or she is watching television or sitting in front of a computer (see Must-Read Books for Parents). Kathleen never thought she would have to say in our home Put that book down and come to dinner! But she has had to say exactly that on many occasions, and the book list below is the culprit. If you're kids are not avid readers now, shut down that television and get a few of these books... then watch things change around your house... especially watch their grades go up.

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The Trumpet of the Swan
by E. B. White

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